Friday, May 12, 2006

Christians threaten Hollywood with plan to attend movies

It seems the usual throngs of mindless evangelicals (please excuse the redundancy) are up in arms about the upcoming release of the film adaptation of The DaVinci Code. Many evangelists are instructing their ditto-head flocks to boycott the movie. And according to the Times, "Another strategy gaining currency is being called an 'othercott' — urging people to see a different movie on the day The Da Vinci Code opens, like Over the Hedge, an animated family feature."

That's like a disgruntled customer at McDonald's telling off the manager, "The service here stinks. I'll show you -- I'm going to that other McDonald's down the street!"

They have yet another weapon in their arsenal: The pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego "has trained more than 200 pastors in how to encourage their congregations to use the movie to share their faith by throwing 'Da Vinci Code parties' in their homes."

So take that, Sony Pictures! During your movie's crucial opening weekend, we're going to do nothing but ... talk about it!

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