Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beware the Angry Vagina

While sifting through a dense underbrush of resumes and headshots in response to an ad I placed in Backstage for actors to appear in comic videos, I was struck by how many women have appeared in one form or another in "The Vagina Monologues." It seems like vaginas, silenced for centuries, are now declaiming with a vengeance.

For example, one young woman's resume listed that she played the part of the "Angry Vagina" in that selfsame play.

Here are some other characters from that play:

The Manic-Depressive Vagina
The Nervous Vagina
The Happy-Go-Lucky Vagina
The Vagina with a Heart of Gold
The Vagina with a Chip on Its Shoulder
The Goofy Vagina
Mamacita Vagina
The Yodeling Vagina
The Tap-Dancing Vagina
The Vagina with a Criminal Past
The Mom-and-Pop Vagina
The "Are You Looking at Me?" Vagina
The Ventriloquist Vagina
The Stepford Vagina
The Special Needs Vagina
The Passive-Aggressive Vagina