Friday, April 14, 2006

Wake up, Indian Maoists, it's not 1936 anymore

The front page of today's Times featured a story about Maoist guerrillas who are wreaking havoc in India. Marxist morons, Hel-lo! Your "revolutioanary struggle" is so 1936. The Chinese haven't followed Mao's teachings for at least 20 years -- nobody has, not even Kim Jong-Il, the Last Communist Standing. (Now, there's a reality show I would watch. "Tonight, it's the Sendero Luminoso of Peru vs. the Communist Party of Nepal. First event: brainwashing the peasants...")
Why even the deposed Gang of 60 rehabilitated themselves and became comedy writers.

You get the feeling these people have been cut off from world news, like those Japanese soldiers in the jungles of South Asia who never got the word of their country's surrender. And you'd be right: They're a few thousand renegades who have been living in a remote forest.

If they had any sense, these Indian losers would follow today's Chinese leaders and start making cheap flammable children's toys and clothes for the Gap while buying up the exporting country's treasury bonds to hold its economy in a death-grip. But I guess that's not easy when you're living on nuts and berries and dodging tigers.

Now, they could be practicing Maoism ironically, as a kind of kitsch gesture -- the way Westerners wear Che T-shirts or the couture designers who a few seasons ago wrapped their mannequins in Mao-inspired pantsuits.

That would be cool ... except for the violence.

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