Friday, April 21, 2006

American Idol: 9-11 Terrorist Edition

Our government – you know, the Deciders – are so incompetent that almost five years after 9-11 the only suspect they’ve been able to apprehend is a guy with a death-wish-cum-thirst for celebrity who has made what amounts to a hyperbolically false confession. Zacarias Moussaoui, who has been called “the Barney Fife of Al Qaeda,” had only the most tenuous connections with Al-Queda and the actual hijackers and nothing to do with the actual 9-11 plot. What he is guilty of is a desire to be famous at all costs. You know: “American Idol - Terrorist Edition.”

We’ve seen people go on crime sprees in a desperate attempt to get attention. Moussaoui is just taking it to the next level: to pretend to conspire to blow something up just so he can get on television.

Ironically, Moussaoui’s craving to have our attention fill the yawning crevice inside him dovetails perfectly with the needs of a government desperately seeking a stooge for a show trial.
They have no evidence that he participated in the 9-11 plot. Instead his indictment consists of a collection of factoids such as “In or about March 2001, ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI joined a gym in Norman, Oklahoma.” Tell-tale sign of a terrorist: He likes Nautilus. Which is also the name of a submarine...You do the math.

The best way to view Moussaoui's incoherent grandstanding at his trial is that it's an audition. Soon, the FBI will be besieged by camera-hungry clowns claiming to the 21st hijacker or the underwear bomber, insisting that they had intimate knowledge of a nefarious plot to fly blimps into the Empire State Building or drive bumper cars into the Washington Monument. All part of a new reality show called “America’s Most Wanted Terrorists,” in which these fame zombies will vie for cash prizes, the attention of millions, and the death penalty.

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