Friday, June 02, 2006

My broker is full of bilge

Today's Spam of the Day has a subject heading "Bilge with Thickish."

Judging from those three words, you might expect the message to concern sewage treatment or waste disposal.

You would be wrong.

The subject of the email was Infinex Ventures Inc., a possibly nonexistent penny stock about which we all receive dozens of spams every day.

My question is: For what conceivable reason -- other than to evade my Internet provider's spam detectors (which by the way are almost as worthless as Infinex Ventures) -- did its author, a phanthom who uses the name "Josiah Camp" decide to open his cyberspiel with the vaguely Joycean phrase "bilge with thickish"? Does he think that I'm going to see that subject line and exclaim "Oh, my God! It's what I've been waiting for my entire life -- Bilge with thickish!"

Let me put it another way: You're shopping for a financial manager, you meet for your initial consultation, and the money manager starts by saying, "Bilge with thickish." I mean, this is the guy you're going to entrust with your future -- and he's an outpatient.

But the weirdness didn't stop with the subject line. The return email address was A lunatic travel agent who dabbles in stock trading. Or possibly the reverse.

Just what I need.

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