Monday, June 12, 2006

I would permanently delete Adam Sandler

The ads for the new celluloid product "Click," starring Adam Sandler, feature the tag line:

What if you had a universal remote that could control your universe?

Um, I'd zap "Click." I'd "Click" off. Hel-lo, smart-ass critics! We just wrote your lead for you!

The tag line is a prime example of what Hollywood insiders call "high concept" -- meaning any idea that can be easily understood by a five-year-old of average intelligence.

However, if I were to accept the movie's postulate of a universal remote device, and I obtained one, the second thing I would do with it is eliminate Adam Sandler.

Then I'd bump off the studio chiefs, marketing execs, producers, directors, writers, actors, and reviewers responsible for perpetuating Adam Sandler movies on the public.

Then I'd get rid of all the Adam Sandler fans ... and, well, the lesson here is:

Don't give me a universal remote...I'm too much like Stalin.

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