Monday, July 09, 2007

Area 52

You ever watch one of those documentaries about people who claim to have been abducted by aliens? These incidents always seem to take place somewhere out West -- Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico -- and the subjects are always white people, usually lower-middle class, trailer park-types. I mean, have you ever seen a black person who claims he's been abducted by aliens? Of course not. Just don't tell Al Sharpton.

I mean, blacks have been abducted by white people. Even by other black people. But not by Pleiadians. Those guys don't abduct blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Italians or Asians. Or gays (who would admittedly love the anal probing). The aliens may look green, but they vote white.

They're goggle-eyed, hypercephalic space bigots -- the rednecks of the constellation Taurus.

They may or may not be a superior civilization, but they do have their own website: On its home page, they claim that "We come to you with love and purpose ... from another dimension." Only when you scroll down to the bottom do you see that the Pleiadians are using an earthling, one Lia Shapiro, to write all their material. And that her/their book, Comes the Awakening: Realizing the Divine Nature of Who You Are, is available on Amazon. Maybe there they explain the reasons for their racial prejudice.

Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if all the groups that have NOT been abducted are considering some kind of class-action suit against the aliens. Out there in Area 52.

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